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Yet another person dips her toe into the blogosphere. Is it really necessary? Who knows? I do know that I’d like to exercise my long-atrophied writing skills. Having tried a number of times, I’ve learned that I’m not much of a diarist. However, the power of a blog to include photos with text offers a really enjoyable way of looking at the world. (Take a look at my sidebar. I have been reading these blogs with great enjoyment for a couple of years now; they are fun to read and so informative. Their accompanying images truly enrichen the experience even more). Perhaps it’ll prompt me to engage in my photography habit even more than I do so now. I expect to post my musings on birds, photography outings, movies, New York stuff, travel – whatever strikes my creative fancy.

Please comment at will. I hope readers will find this interesting, informative and perhaps provocative but I am also really interested in the perspective of others. Please enjoy your time here!

South bank of the Thames, London.  March 2007

South bank of the Thames, London. March 2007


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  1. Beth,

    I look forward to hearing more from you. Blogging is an addiction – a good one – something I look forward to. It keeps me thinking and moving when I have too much else to do! LOL!



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